Thomas Rehnert - "Zinken" A-100

Thomas Rehnert - concert installation "Zinken"

In the concert installation "Zinken" the Doepfer A-100 Modularsystem will not only be presented for use in sound production but as a generator for live drawings.
Here the voltage, where the patch not only regulates the sound synthesis, but via motors and magnets,
also drives a mechanical device controlling the movement of a crayon on paper.
As a principal rule for variation, controlled accidents such as repeating through feedback, the process takes shape.
Via means of feedback, voltage control techniques and sampling, a permanent & varied, multi-polyphonic structure with dependent voices from synthesized material is generated.
The resulting rhythmic and gestures are implementing both sound and drawings which generates a chaotic and always new audiovisual result.

Workshops, Presentations

Product Presentations and other Workshops:
In Hall 2 and in various locations, manufacturers will give frequent workshops and introductions to their products. Most of them will be accompanied by concert demonstrations with the highlights of their products.

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