For more than 10 years Skinnerbox make tremendous contributions to the wide field of electronicmusic-making. Olaf Hilgenfeld and Iftah Gabbai, two talented musicians with different backgrounds,are amongst the very few that actually play electronic music live on stage. Their live shows are a
great display of playfulness, artistic skills and the ability to completely improvise a thrilling performance. Over the years Skinnerbox have developed a distinctively musical and groovy style, a complex, detailled, idiomatic sound and a bunch of unique technical setups and instruments for live shows as well as studio productions. They started performing in the legendary party contexts of Bachstelzen and Bar25 in Berlin back in 2005. Ever since they have been all over Europe and played widely respected tours in east and south-east Asia in the past two years. Skinnerbox continuously release their studio productions on labels like BPitch Control, My Favorite Robot, Darkroom Dubs, including several musical collaborations with other artists. In 2014 was the premiere of "Time & Timbre" - a software drum-sequencer and -synthesizer for Max for Live. It is the result of an ongoing technical relationship with Ableton and the idea to make an instrument available for the public which was originally designed by Skinnerbox for their personal needs in the studio. It stands in a row with a lot of self made, adapted or modified musical gear they use.



Night Program

In the Culture Hall there is party: After the fair is before the fair, and here it will be cultivated what theoretically a machine was or is. Techno and
other electronic music for the dance floor in countless facets will be presented where our fair visitors will see that from our manufacturers and developers, constructive discussions is not out of the question.

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