KOMA Poltergeist - Quadrophoniekonzert

Witching hour...

An introduction to quadraphonic panning and performance with the brand new KOMA Elektronik Poltergeist Eurorack module. Thanks to the ADAM Audio quad setup we are able to focus on all the special features of the module, the way one can implement these features in a recording and performance setup and how to make quick but great sounding patches with both KOMA gear and other modules available in the eurorack domain.

Presented by the KOMA Elektronik team and Erik Dower, the inventor of the Poltergeist.


Workshops, Presentations

Product Presentations and other Workshops:
In Hall 2 and in various locations, manufacturers will give frequent workshops and introductions to their products. Most of them will be accompanied by concert demonstrations with the highlights of their products.

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