Sauce with meat or the other way round? Talk about hard n software!

"Hybrid Future"

presented by Native Instruments and Electronic Beats

Feat. Stephan Schmitt, Robert Henke, Roger Linn, Julian Parker, Tony Rolando
Moderator: Peter Kirn


While discussions continue around the dichotomies of analog, physical, and digital instruments, visionary instrument makers have been bridging the gap between these previously separate realms with cutting edge ideas that combine the character and expression of tactile control, with the infinite possibilities and ease of software – the best of both worlds. Will hybrid concepts and setups turn into a benchmark development in instrument design? And how could it already be changing how we create and perform music? Join a panel of distinguished technology pioneers and creatives for a roundtable discussion dissecting the status quo and the possibilities of our Hybrid Future.


Evening Program

In Hall 2, from 7pm - 11pm, every hour on the hour in 30 minute clips, the passing public will be presented with a mixture of colored concerts, installations,
live and complex arranged applications from our in part, prominent and experienced customers and artists.

In Hall 1, starting at 8:30pm and at 9:30pm, panels and discussions to different themes will be presented. Invited guests are requested to play an instrument prior to it's explanation and provide commenting. The short appearances and performances will be moderated.

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