Pole - pole-music - Stefan Betke


In 2015 the Düsseldorf-native musician, producer, remixer and mastering engineer Stefan Betke could look back on a steady 17-year career in abstract electronic club music. In particular, the 6 albums that he released during this period under the Pole moniker have lastingly shifted the coordinates of electronica.
Beginning with his 1998 debut album "1", Pole laid the foundation of bass, dub and a defective pole filter as the point from which to explore and implement new sonic architectures. These expeditions grew into a trilogy of albums entitled "1", "2" and "3" that are now considered milestones of electronic music.
In 1999, Betke and Barbara Preisinger created the ~scape Records label which developed into a reservoir for contemporarily relevant excursions into dub, electronica and jazz.  In the ~scape studio, Betke has not only produced his own music, but also a considerable number of remixes for a range of artists including Depeche Mode, Louis Armstrong, and The Orb feat. Lee Perry. In his scape studio for Vinyl and Digital mastering, he has mastered and cut for countless tracks and albums.

Although it was with the now legendary, defective Waldorf 4-Pole filter that Pole initially realized his signature sound, over the years Pole emerged as a sonic architect who     increasingly drew from internal sources – finding inspiration in the city as well as in nature.  Pole increasingly presented this through live performances, in which the elements of improvisation and the erratic development of his own music played an equally constant and central role. It is his extremely analog mode of operation that lends his music to deep warmth, for which he is so well known. Melodies, hinted at, but never fully formulated, minimal song structures, complex sound design and danceable live shows. Club music and the concert experience is connected.
In order to keep his own back catalog available, and to release new albums without external interference,  Betke founded the Pole label in Berlin in 2011.





Night Program

In the Culture Hall there is party: After the fair is before the fair, and here it will be cultivated what theoretically a machine was or is. Techno and
other electronic music for the dance floor in countless facets will be presented where our fair visitors will see that from our manufacturers and developers, constructive discussions is not out of the question.

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