Moon Modular/Memotron - The Berlin Experience

The Berlin Experience

Sequencing has been from the very beginning a key element of the so called Cosmic Krautrock. Les MoMo Consulting (located in Berlin) has assumed this legacy with its brand Moon Modular and is manufacturing modular analog synthesizer based on todays modern technology but with the look&feel of the seventies.

Examples are various sequencer modules (568 and 569) and their extensions. Of course audio components like the VCO 501 and the VC filters 505 and 506 are part of the comprehensive line of modules.

Manikin Electronic (located in Berlin) is well know as manufacturer of e.g. the MEMOTRON - the digital remake of one of the most unusual and fascinating electronic instruments. Highlights of the new „m2k“-Keyboard are 3 immediately available sound banks, a new stereo FX processor and several other enhancements. The new sound collection „Vintage 5“ does offer e.g. the original GENESIS 'Watcher of the Skies' sound banks, Patrick Moraz YES/MOODYBLUES Stagesounds, KRAFTWERK-like 'ELEKTRIK VOICES', the original BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST Violins and TANGERINE DREAM's 70’s 'ARP Fuzz Guitar' and 'Recorder‘-Sounds) .

At Superbooth Udo Hanten and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock are presenting the products of both companies by means of a live performance and concert.

Udo Hanten is known for various LP productions and concerts in Europe. Working at the studio of Chris Franke (ex Tangerine Dream) in the mid 80’s did allow him enhance his sequencing skills. Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock is perceived as the „Tron-Guru“ and is well known as „Cosmic Hoffmann“ from various concerts and productions. 


Moon Modular

Manikin Electronic


Workshops, Presentations

Product Presentations and other Workshops:
In Hall 2 and in various locations, manufacturers will give frequent workshops and introductions to their products. Most of them will be accompanied by concert demonstrations with the highlights of their products.

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