Matt Black & Dr Walker

Matt Black & Dr Walker

Dr Walker and Matt Black are 2 twisted survivors who somehow still want to play with sound all the fucking time.
Meeting for a Superbooth one off xperiMENTAL Berlin x London session using their favourite toys old and new. Kicking the box labelled Techno to see whats really inside.
Someone's got to do it.

Matt Black (Ninja Jamm / Liquid Sky Berlin)
Dr Walker (Liquid Sky Berlin / lsb.TV / Ninja Jamm)




Night Program

In the Culture Hall there is party: After the fair is before the fair, and here it will be cultivated what theoretically a machine was or is. Techno and
other electronic music for the dance floor in countless facets will be presented where our fair visitors will see that from our manufacturers and developers, constructive discussions is not out of the question.

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