Nonlinear Labs C15 - Stephan Schmitt

Nonlinear Labs C15 presentation

Nonlinear Labs present their first product, the C15, a keyboard instrument specifically designed for the performing musician.

In a dialog with the founder of the company, Stephan Schmitt, Brian Smith will give an introduction to the concepts behind the instrument.
Together with the professional keyboarder Jojo Büld, Stephan will demonstrate the sonic capabilties of the C15.



In Hall 1, various Artists, Musicians and Developers will present short concert/presentations up to 20 minutes long. During the presentations, other than performances, presenters will explain the technology or instruments used and answer questions. A maximum of one half of the time (10 minutes) will be for speaking or explanations.

The Gespraechskonzerte will also be presented over video monitors and projections so one can view the very finely detailed products and technical usage. The edited recordings of these events will also be available online for future use.

The term and concept of Gespraechskonzerte or "Discussion Concert" was coined by the late German Physicist and pioneer of electronic music, Oskar Sala. He used this phrase at times when he would perform on the Trautonium with discussion to follow the concert.

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