is perhaps a most progressive representative of the contemporary underground music scene in Latvia. Creating sounds in atypical genres, he operates with current actualities, usually surprising bystanders with his over-modern attitude to the accepted standards. With his shows, he usually challenges listeners to think outside what is seen as ‘normal’ by the conservative sweep of culture. He goes far beyond the conventional esthetic. From 2005 he has been a regular player on latvian stage. Rocking out dancefloors from trendy nightclubs to underground heavy metal events. Also have worked as "creative electronics" teacher in his city school where was teaching kids how to transfer old useless electronic devices into musical and noise instruments. Winner of the 2013 best electronic music album at the Latvian Music Awards for his album “Flavours from the Future”. Now is also working as team rider for modular synth manufacturer “Erica Synths”.




Night Program

In the Culture Hall there is party: After the fair is before the fair, and here it will be cultivated what theoretically a machine was or is. Techno and
other electronic music for the dance floor in countless facets will be presented where our fair visitors will see that from our manufacturers and developers, constructive discussions is not out of the question.

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