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Experience the grid -
Jürgen Michaelis on the Akasha Synth

In the vedic wisdom teaching the sanskrit word Akasha means „memory of the world“. It describes a clear vision of how the mind comes into the world – as a field. Everything that we think, feel or do is stored in this field and maintains as a mind-like information.
Sound, which is an immediate manifestation of spirit or mind, is the basic idea of this network synthesizer: Akasha Synth. Since about 5 years Jürgen Michaelis is working on this sound synthesis in irregular intervals.
In a deeper interpretation you could call Akasha also the collective conciousness. The world is synchronous, and it was long before there was the internet. What are fateful encounters? They seem to unfold in the syncronicities - or contemporaneous interactions - of different events and intentions. The resonance is playing an essential role in this game. Is it finally possible to explain evolution on the level of a matrix of orchestrated resonatings?
On the Akasha Synth there are geometrical electronic modules linked to each other and form a matrix. The modules may wether be triangles, squares or pentagons – so all 5 platonic bodies and many more three-dimensional grid networks can be made of these.
The matrix is analog and results from the geometrical structures of the modules, similar to a crystal grid. A network of VCAs which connects all grid modules with each other is working along the matrix.
Each of the grid modules has sub modules, acting as tiny filters, effects and synthesizers.
Each of these nodes again have own sequences that may have different measures (number of steps).
Driven by a common clock, those resonant synchronicities of the machine spread out like waves of a thought - and its collective impulses may enter the conciousness of the audience.


Jürgen Michaelis short vita

Driven from a deeply neccessary synthesis of two passions – electronics and music – the path for audio technics and music electronics was opened in the early 80s at school and university in West-Berlin already. Amps, guitar synthesizers and first drum machines were made back then.

Since 1989 Jürgen Michaelis works as a professional tech and developer of own systems in the audio and music electronics branch. Since 1995 he develops first Midi-interfaces as upgrade kits under the label Jomox. Later on drum machines, filter boxes and analog synthesizers followed which sell worldwide ever since 1997. Besides that, J. Michaelis devoted himself to experimental sound producers and has developed an own sound synthesis, the Resonant Neuron Synthesis. The experimental sonic art pieces are run under the label Jayemsonic. Under both labels, by today he brought out many great sounding products which delight a crowd of users of electronic music worldwide.





In Hall 1, various Artists, Musicians and Developers will present short concert/presentations up to 20 minutes long. During the presentations, other than performances, presenters will explain the technology or instruments used and answer questions. A maximum of one half of the time (10 minutes) will be for speaking or explanations.

The Gespraechskonzerte will also be presented over video monitors and projections so one can view the very finely detailed products and technical usage. The edited recordings of these events will also be available online for future use.

The term and concept of Gespraechskonzerte or "Discussion Concert" was coined by the late German Physicist and pioneer of electronic music, Oskar Sala. He used this phrase at times when he would perform on the Trautonium with discussion to follow the concert.

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