Hausführung Funkhaus Treffpunkt Saal 1

A trip thorugh time...

A special high point of the exhibition will be the guided tour of the former radio center of the GDR from Elisabeth Heller.
Ms. Heller is one of 3500 former employees from this small "city in city" which has been closed for over a quarter of a century.

As an actual witness to the running city,  during the tour she will be able to give special insight into the historical buildings. As she is a former long term experienced radio moderator of the DDR Rundfunks at the FUnkhaus, she will give special anecdotes and insight which only one with experience can explain.

To start, Ms. Heller invites all interested visitors to a virtual  tour on her time travel website.
Those with enough information and pictures in the mind can compare to the reality direct at the Funkhaus on April 2nd, 2016.

A tour which should provide a fascinating experience.


As places are limited, we ask you to please pre-register for the tour by sending an email to


Workshops, Presentations

Product Presentations and other Workshops:
In Hall 2 and in various locations, manufacturers will give frequent workshops and introductions to their products. Most of them will be accompanied by concert demonstrations with the highlights of their products.

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