DIY Workshop (limited) - 4ms

4ms DIY


At this workshop you can choose to build one of the following modules:

4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier (around 90€)

4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier Breakout (around 90€)

4ms Rotating Clock Divider

4ms Rotating Clock Divider Breakout (around 50€)


To register for the workshop you must have a Superbooth ticket.

Click here to register and let us know which module you'd like to build.



Workshops, Presentations

Tech – Workshops (Rooms: BF900 / BF920):
Each afternoon, for approximately 2-4 hours, some of the exhibitors
will present introductions and workshops about electronic musical instruments
and/or modules to the theme of "Do it Yourself." (DIY)

Here visitors will have the chance to experience the inner workings and building of
the electronic instruments or just to look over the shoulder of participants.
For interested parties, please register direct with the individual workshop
providers. More detailed information will be posted soon.

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