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Allert Aalders - live

Allert Aalders studied sound synthesis with Ernst Bonis at the Utrecht School of Arts in the early 90’s. He was a founding member of techno act Human Beings in the mid 90’s. Human Beings used to bring their whole studio out on stage, including a.o. Synton Syrinx, Sequential Circuits Pro-One and Doepfer MAQ16/3. In the 2000’s he started as sound engineer at Utrecht’s Tivoli venue, toured as front of house mixer with acts like Epica, Nobody Beats the Drum and especially Berlin’s techno-punk god T.Raumschmiere.
In 2012 he founded Sonar Traffic with Ben Spaander (Cosmic Force). With over 50 mostly vintage synths this is the ultimate synth geek playground, located in Kytopia in the old Tivoli venue in Utrecht. Available synths include the aforementioned Syrinx, Roland System 700, several Formant systems, Minimoog, Memorymoog, all the Jupiters, all the Juno’s etc. Each year during the Studio Stekker festival Kytopia and Sonar Traffic turn into an electronic music summer camp.
About 3 years ago he bought his 1st 84 HP of eurorack modular at Schneidersladen and things have escalated quickly since that…
With Sonar Traffic, Allert organises the bi-monthly event “Modulation” at Kytopia: 3 modular performances on Sunday night. Previous performances have included: Mono-poly, Falafular, Richard Devine, Jos Smolders and the Heisenberg Compensators and Allert himself.

Allert basically shows up at the location of the performance and starts patching for a couple of hours beforehand. There might be an idea of direction, there might not be. Although it’s fairly sure this time the music will be in the soundscape/ambient direction.


Evening Program

In Hall 2, from 7pm - 11pm, every hour on the hour in 30 minute clips, the passing public will be presented with a mixture of colored concerts, installations,
live and complex arranged applications from our in part, prominent and experienced customers and artists.

In Hall 1, starting at 8:30pm and at 9:30pm, panels and discussions to different themes will be presented. Invited guests are requested to play an instrument prior to it's explanation and provide commenting. The short appearances and performances will be moderated.

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