Ambient & Dark Jazz



Style: Ambient, Future Jazz, Experimental

"Gaël Loison (Touellskouarn), founder member of Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones (with C.Mével and Y. Martin) has given us “Noroeste - Respiration Etang”, an incredibly rough and scandalously powerful record, like a pile of skinned and macerated electronics as if Brian Eno, of sinister memory, had poked his fingers in the grid and tinkered around making ambient music with his unwashed hands. This is a celebration of adventure, of accident and of the incredible through the voice of Zalie Bellaccico. Loison has already made a name for himself with the “TF” collective projet (3 albums) , "Maman Kusters" EBM electronic gonzo duet with Cyril Pansal (one album, one EP and one remix) as well as the “Moregeometrico” geocaching sound experiences, generously offering web listeners his geographical obsessions and taking on stoic challenges like sonically describing such improbable places as Fieux hill, the high plateaus of Tibet and Lake Inari. He is also responsible for the “Douche Electrique” events in Brest, Brittany: unique mishmashes of music, dance and contemporary art. Loison has also collaborated on unmentionable albums by Tank, Mythe Moderne and Arnaud Le Gouefflec. » 

Evening Program

In Hall 2, from 7pm - 11pm, every hour on the hour in 30 minute clips, the passing public will be presented with a mixture of colored concerts, installations,
live and complex arranged applications from our in part, prominent and experienced customers and artists.

In Hall 1, starting at 8:30pm and at 9:30pm, panels and discussions to different themes will be presented. Invited guests are requested to play an instrument prior to it's explanation and provide commenting. The short appearances and performances will be moderated.

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