DJ Nomad

DJ Nomad

NOMAD grew up with a mix of youth cultures in the 70's and 80's.
His musical socialisation started in 1980 with the first purchase of a vinyl record at the age of 10, a Blondie - " Parallell Lines " LP.
His cousin introduced him to 12" singles and Italo Disco , soon after , but the real musical trip unfolded for him around the end of the eighties and early nineties when he discovered the afro/cosmic disco movement and Dj culture.
For over 20 years since he has explored various styles of music as a Dj , as well as a producer. He has shared turntables with a variety of musical legends from his personal Mentor and friend- Italian Afro Disco Creator Beppe Loda to Drum+ Bass Don Grooverider or Techno + House legends like Jeff Mills or Dj Traxx.
Nomad does not categorize music , but  always expresses love for Polyrythms and the African drums and Percussion.
He enjoys mixing  modern Electronic dancemusic with Tropical sounds and African, Latin and Afro grooves. From Modern Soul and Afro Rock  styles over classic Afrofunk to Percussive House ,Gwo Ka, Cumbia, Soukousse, Shangaan or Samba among other forms.
He's  one of the biggest collectors of African and Tropical Dancemusic in Europe, and a worldwide reknown expert on West African as well as Southafrican Soul, Funk and Disco.

As a Producer he's breaking ground together with DIRK LEYERS (one of the guys behind CLOSER MUSIC) with the transcultural EDM Project  AFRICAINE
808 . (see what Juno plus has to say about their music : click here)

His " VULKANDANCE " Parties , became a trademark for unheard of transcultural dance music and amazing decoration. Meanwhile V.D.  is also  a  recordable and a Blog on Facebook , with around 2000 recordcollectors, musicgeeks and Dj's from all over the world , posting rare Disco and Soul and Tropical music of all colours .

He's a resident of  the legendary "TROPICAL DISCOTEQUE " Parties in Paris.
He shook dancefloors from the arctic circle to Canada, NYC, L.A. , over Tropical Islands all the way to Tokyo and Hongkong  .


Africaine 808@facebook





Night Program

In the Culture Hall there is party: After the fair is before the fair, and here it will be cultivated what theoretically a machine was or is. Techno and
other electronic music for the dance floor in countless facets will be presented where our fair visitors will see that from our manufacturers and developers, constructive discussions is not out of the question.

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