Synth & Modular Basics - the little introduction


A non-frightening  survey of the vast world of modular synths. Presented by Thomas and Camilo from schneidersladen.
We look forward to meeting you at the start of superbooth16 to give you an introduction to the topic of modular synthesizers and their inner workings.
Our Workshops are the place you go to FIRST at superbooth when you are a newbee to modular synths. The main part of superbooth deals with modular synths.  Imagine  you want to throw yourself into a full blown superbooth experience and all you see is a big mess of cables that seem fascinating yet confusing to you.
We will show easy and inspiring basic patches over the course of 90 minutes. Though we both are Nerds we won t zone out into tech talk. And along the way we`ll provide historic facts, odd anecdotes, gossip and rumors:  How eurorack came into existence, what problems musicians of the 60ies had and what company will enter the market next.
After our modular bootcamp you can then wander off into the big playground!



Workshops, Presentations

Starter – Workshops (Pos. BF940):
For beginners and synthesizer newbies, the essential elements of subtractive synthesis will be explained daily. Other than learning essentials, this will
also give the users the possibility to make their first "patch" on the self contained modular system. The starter workshops are being presented by SchneidersLaden.

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